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Bart Vansteenhuyse was born on June 28, 1977 in Kortrijk , Belgium. He studied piano, guitar, singing, composition, ensemble playing, general music theory and choir at the Kunsthumaniora in Ghent. he profiles himself as sync composer and works worldwide with different labels such as Universal Music , BMG Zomba Music , Smi PRODUCTION MUSIC , CURRENT MUSIC and After Sunset Music.


IN 2008 HE PUBLISHED the albums "Basic Underscores" and "Film & Documentary”

Hide & Seek was used in 2008 for the Norwegian series Tett Pa Tre.

Presentation was used in Australia for Alchetron's television series The Shak.

Nostalgia was used in 2012 in the Netherlands for A documentary Nederlandse kogels , Irakese doden.

In 2020 Flowers was used in Hong Kong for Cai Jing Tou Shi and the trailer of Narcos: Mexico



On July 7, 2022, the album 'Aerobic Dance' was launched, a danceable Synthpop/Synthwave album with synths from the 80s. The album was released on all music platforms by Bloom, a Division of After Sunset Music.

IN AUGUST 2022 'The JOGGEr' (Dance Radio Version) , a track on the album 'Aerobic Dance' became a single AND HIT THE ITALO NEW DISCO POP CHART.

IN OCTOBRE 2022 'Funny Uh Uh Dance' Discoteca Version Became the 2nd Single on the album 'Aerobic Dance'